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50 Cent Says He Doesn’t Believe Megan Thee Stallion Didn’t Have a Sexual Relationship with Tory Lanez


Apr 26, 2022

1 hourĀ ago
50 Cent is inserting himself into the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez drama.
On Monday, the Houston rapper sat down with Gayle King for an interview on ‘CBS Mornings’ during which she was asked about the July 2020 shooting allegedly involving Lanez. At one point, King asked if she had a sexual relationship with the ‘Say It’ singer.
Megan paused before responding, ‘Umm, I didn’t have a sexual relationship with Tory.’
But 50 Cent is not buying it. Taking to Instagram, he shared a clip from the interview while suggesting that Megan wasn’t telling the truth about the nature of their relationship.