Office Equipment and Data Security

Today’s office data security needs are rapidly changing. No longer is a paper shredder adequate protection against data security leaks. In this technological age, there is concern among the business community regarding the security of data captured on digital copiers, scanners and MFPs (Multifunction Products). The CBS Evening News addressed this concern during a report in 2010 that focused on the potential risks associated with office copy machines. Just as a laptop or personal computer saves data, so too does most of today’s office equipment. The data is stored on an internal hard drive which could be extracted and used for malicious purposes. Not only are company records at risk, but also confidential personnel information. Anything printed, scanned, copied or faxed is vulnerable. This is especially important when this equipment is sold, traded in or returned when a lease expires. No business wants to risk sharing its proprietary information with outsiders.



Toshiba has addressed these security concerns and added new self encrypting hard drives as a standard feature on their product line of black / white and color copiers. These SEDs (Self Encrypting Drives) encrypt all data on the hard disk drive using an AES 256-bit algorithm. This scrambles the data and makes it unreadable. Originally this technology was developed and manufactured by Toshiba for use in high security fields such as government, financial and medical. It is just one of Toshiba’s many security features available.  Contact Uni–Pro Business Systems, Inc. at 337-237-8308 to learn more about all of our Data Security Solutions. Whether your office equipment is old or just unsecure we can help you eliminate the threat of data security leaks.