Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta is a Japanese technology company that was founded back in 2003, it has offices in over 30 countries worldwide and more than 19.500 employees. The company provides a wide range of printing solutions (it has released numerous color laser printers), optical components, cameras as well as processing equipment for graphic and medical imaging. In other words, the company provides devices and services to cover a variety of digital imaging needs.

Brief History of Konica Minolta

The company resulted after a merger between two Japanese imaging companies (Minolta and Konica), and the company is currently using a logo that somehow resembles the logo of the former Minolta firm. Despite the fact that Konica Minolta was one of the leading companies in the camera business until not too long ago, it has announced that it was quitting this field of activity given the major financial losses. All camera service operations were handed over to the well-known company Sony, beginning with 2006. A year later, the company has closed down the photo imaging division as well, and some of the most important divisions (like the photochemical or color paper divisions) have ceased the operations.

Konica Minolta Camera and Business Equipment History
Konica Minolta has produced several professional cameras that managed to compete with some of the most renowned cameras in the digital photography market. The company launched a line of shoot and digital point cameras and it has created a new type of camera that resembles the traditional SLR camera: this innovative camera combined the features and functions of the old SLRs, but it also had some of the modern features of digital cameras.

Konica Minolta Business Equipment

Konica Minolta also produces multifunctional devices, color copiers and printers: their products included integration between various sets of technology.

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