Document Management vs Storage

Why Use Document Management Instead of Storage?

Document management can be your best solution. Even the most organized businesses get overwhelmed and cluttered with stacks of paper that must be filed and kept. To accommodate a growing mountain of business records, and important documents, many companies resort to off-site storage. This isn’t really the only (or the very best) choice for today’s businesses.
While off-site document storage does liberate valuable office space, most companies do not realize that they are throwing money away because the expense of off-site storage space is greater than the amortized financial investment in a document management system.

Advantages of document management over off-site storage space

Lower your expenses: With off-site storage space, you pay rent for the space you utilize. Additionally, you pay for document pick-up, retrieval, and rush services. Your storage space expenses will increase over time. However, with an investment in a document management system, your costs will decrease while the value of your electronic archive increases.

Ease of retrieval: With off-site storage space, you have to make a request each time you need to retrieve documents and then wait for the storage space facility to fulfill your request and deliver your documents. However with document management, you can easily recover your essential documents with a few clicks of your computer mouse– conserving important time and money.

Enhance safety: Document management is the best choice for the safe, lasting archiving of your documents. You can rest easy that your documents are backed up, tamper proof and will not be lost. With offsite storage space, your documents can be susceptible to the potentially devastating impacts of fire, flooding, or natural disasters.

Enhance search ability: Searching through stacks of paper documents in off-site storage is a waste of important time. With electronic document management, you can effortlessly search for specific documents and retrieve them in seconds.

Realize trouble-free audits: Because of government regulations and tax laws, companies are required, one way or another, to keep particular records for seven years or more. With document management, you can easily keep records longer than required.  Uni-Pro Business Systems, Inc. can help you with the new generation of electronics and software for document management and eliminate the need and expense of paper archives.