Canon, Inc. is a multinational corporation that develops and manufactures a wide range of optical, digital imaging, and medical products. Its world headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.

From its humble beginnings as a camera manufacturing company back in 1937, Canon extended its brand to include business machines such as the calculator, computer printer, copier, and fax. It also supplies the medical industry with digital x-ray systems.

How Canon Has Evolved in the Copier Industry

Canon penetrated the photocopier market by releasing Canofax 100 in 1965. Using the electrophotography technology called Canon NP System, the company manufactured the first plain-paper copier, NP-1100. In the earlier copying technologies, a more expensive special type of paper is required by manufacturers for the copying process to be successful.

Canon then released in 1972 the NP70 copier which pioneered the use of the liquid-dry system. From the name itself, this system makes use of a liquid toner to output dry copies. The same system was licensed by Canon to its competitors.

Canon First with Replaceable Cartridges

Another milestone in the photocopier industry was set by the company in 1982 by coming up with the first personal copy machines with replaceable cartridges.

It was not long before the public got its hands on a digital laser copy machine of Canon, NP-9030, in 1984. A significant advantage of a digital copier over its analog predecessor is its ability to scan a document only once in order to create multiple copies.

Canon MFS

The company’s first foray into multifunction systems happened in 2000 when the initial ImageRunner (IR) series of digital copiers were made available to the market. Its primary goal is to create a centralized document production and distribution system where a user can print, scan, copy, and fax using one business machine. Cannon followed it up with the ImageRUNNER Advanced series in 2009 that allow access to the internet and to other enterprise applications.

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